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Join Daniel Page as he explores avant-garde and experimental works from several continents, with a focus on contemporary classical and Far East field recordings.

The word ‘traversal’ is often associated with tree-like data structures in computer science and refers to the process of spanning across structures to visit different points. It’s with this in mind that you’re invited to visit several regions to explore experimental works.

Traversal aims to give you the feeling of travelling across time, across space. Pack your bag.

Daniel’s back with a carefully crafted collage of experimental sounds from avant-garde, classical and more, from all over the world.


Unknown – Spiritual Reality
Mayuko Hino – Atomism
Asmus Tietchens – Hydrophonie 19A
Masahiro Sugaya – Straight Line Floating in the Sky
César Bolaños – Intensidad y altura
Johannes Bergmark – Eh-Ah
José R. Sosaya – Música para dos intérpretes virtuales
Inoyama Land – Morn
Eiko Ishibashi – Hyakki Yagyō Pt. 1
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Going
William Eaton – Untitled 1A
Miguel Flores – Pachacuti
PRAED Orchestra – Mirage 72