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Join Daniel Page as he explores avant-garde and experimental works from several continents, with a focus on contemporary classical and Far East field recordings.

The word ‘traversal’ is often associated with tree-like data structures in computer science and refers to the process of spanning across structures to visit different points. It’s with this in mind that you’re invited to visit several regions to explore experimental works.

Traversal aims to give you the feeling of travelling across time, across space. Pack your bag.

Daniel’s back with a fascinating collection of tracks and oddities, a sound collage spanning the from classical to avant garde, from modern synth workers to organic field recordings.

Lecuono Cuban Boys – Flor De Yumuri
Xhin – As it Unfolds
Almu Aga – Dagem Metseat
Savvas Metaxas – Paradoxical
Lucas Croon – Threshold Stimulus
Gilberto Milfont – Cho De Estrelas Orestes Barbosa
Seirjiro Murayama – Soundworm
Georg Gräwe & GrubenKlangOrchester – Lookin’ For Work
Louis Pasteur & Rembrandt – Hires
Yoshihiro Kanno – Life in the Forest
Tamaru – Zooom III
Tsha Suih – Daigoji
Suwa Daiko Hozonka – Daitenryu Nobori Ryu Kudari Ryu
Laurie Spiegel – Voices Within a Requiem
Andrea Piazza – Pauline E La Luna