Tuff Love Soul Club (April ’19)

Liam Flanders, Dave Ripolles & Gumbo

We welcome back Tuff Love Soul Club for a Sunday soul selection. Tune in for soul 45 after soul 45 and ease yourself in with Liam Flanders and Ryan Wilson at the helm.

Residing at Buyers Club, Tuff Love Soul Club is Liverpool’s go-to gig for your fix of soul. Whether it be crossovers, deep rippers or modern soul movers, these guys have it all in their record bags. Liam & Flanny’s interest in music has always gravitated around soul music. Their carnivorous appetite for finding new records has lead them to journey through different genres; beginning with a fundamental love for hip-hop and spanning several arms of electronic music. Yet the tributaries of their taste seem to have meandered back to the great river of soul music over the last few years.

This month, Liam Flanders is joined by Dave Ripolles and Gumbo for a special selection of more rare soul.




The Krystal Generation – Is It Meant To Be
Na-Bors – Search No More
Pacific Express – Look At The Smile On Your Face
Special Touch – Just What Is Forever
Pictures – I’m Gonna See You Through
Orphans Of Love – Money’s No Good
BT Express – I Just Wanna Hold You
Silk – I Can’t Stop Turning You On
Climax Band – My Love
Lady Margaret & Perry Smith – Out In Space
Champaign – I’m On Fire
Rinlew Allstars – Didn’t Want A Lot, Did Ya?
Crystal Clear – Oomph In My Life
Early Clover – Whos Are You
Bobby Bell – I Wanna Be The One
Memphis – Inside My Love
Aged In Harmony – Trust Me
Waymond Hall – Till I Found You
Marshall Donovan And Broomfield – That’s Love
Nu-cleus – Needing A Woman
Lost In Space
Morris Lewis –
Kansas City Express – This Is The Place
Love Experience – Waiting For Your Love
Kaldirons – To Love Someone
Soul Walkers – Can I Say It Again
Jazzie Cazzie – Young Girl
Mitch Mitchell – Never Walk Out
Symphonic Four – Who Do You Think
Doris & Kelly – You Don’t Have To Worry
The Lovations – I Keep Singing
D Jones & B Joyce – Together Part II

Tuff Love Soul Club

Crossovers, deep rippers and modern soul movers.

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