Tuff Love Soul Club (February ’19)

Liam Flanders, Martin Haddock & Carl Hedburg


We welcome back Tuff Love Soul Club for a Sunday soul selection. Tune in for soul 45 after soul 45 and ease yourself in with Liam Flanders and Ryan Wilson at the helm.

Residing at Buyers Club, Tuff Love Soul Club is Liverpool’s go-to gig for your fix of soul. Whether it be crossovers, deep rippers or modern soul movers, these guys have it all in their record bags. Liam & Flanny’s interest in music has always gravitated around soul music. Their carnivorous appetite for finding new records has lead them to journey through different genres; beginning with a fundamental love for hip-hop and spanning several arms of electronic music. Yet the tributaries of their taste seem to have meandered back to the great river of soul music over the last few years.

This month, Liam Flanders and Martin Haddock bring special guest Carl Hedburg all the way over from Stockholm to play some lovely soul 45s.




Egyptians – Can I Believe
Superlatives – Won’t you please
Sandy Golden – Here’s Where It Ends
Chuck Cockerham – Have I Got A Right
Lost Generation – This Is The Lost Generation
LA’Dellics – I’ll Never Change
R D M Band – Give Up
Robert Parker – Caught You In A Lie
Chappells – You’re Acting Kind Of Strange
Judy Clay – You Can’t Run Away From Your Heart
Shirley Lake – True Love
Jackie Ross – The World Needs More People Like You
Flairs – I Want You
Eunice Collins – At The Hotel
Danny White – King For A Day
Broadway – Have A Little Mercy
Axe Band – I’m Gonna Make You Mine
Dontells – I’m Gonna Tell The World
Sharon Ridley – Where Did You Learn To Make Love The Way You Do
Peggy Gaines – When The Boy That You Love Is Lovin’ You
Creations – I’ve Got To Find Her
Saints – I’ll Let You Slide
Masqueraders – That’s The Same Thing
Lou Pride – Your Loving Is Fading
Yellow Cook – Why You Don’t Love Me
Jackie Wilson – It’s All Over
The Heartstoppers – Where Does The Love Go
Barbara Green – Young Boy
Domestic Five – It’s An Empty World
Webs – Don’t Ever Hurt Me
Little Ron Johnson – I Keep Telling You
Trinikas – Remember Me
Frank Hutson – Old Man Me
Sammy King – Your Old Standby
Soul Tune Allstars – World
Martineques – If You Want To Call Me
Manhattans – Follow Your Heart
The Judges Nephews – Gloriouso San Antonio
Coke Escovedo – I Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Tuff Love Soul Club

Crossovers, deep rippers and modern soul movers.

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