Tuff Love Soul Club (March ’19)

Liam Flanders & Darren Sykes


We welcome back Tuff Love Soul Club for a Sunday soul selection. Tune in for soul 45 after soul 45 and ease yourself in with Liam Flanders and Ryan Wilson at the helm.

Residing at Buyers Club, Tuff Love Soul Club is Liverpool’s go-to gig for your fix of soul. Whether it be crossovers, deep rippers or modern soul movers, these guys have it all in their record bags. Liam & Flanny’s interest in music has always gravitated around soul music. Their carnivorous appetite for finding new records has lead them to journey through different genres; beginning with a fundamental love for hip-hop and spanning several arms of electronic music. Yet the tributaries of their taste seem to have meandered back to the great river of soul music over the last few years.

This month, Liam Flanders brings in Darren Sykes to bring some bops to warm up your soul.




Ernest & DL Rocco – Moon Child
Betty Everett – Wondering
Al Tiki Hudson – We Don’t Know
Apaches – Just Another Lazy Day
Joe Garland – That’s His Girl
Act III – Today I Want To Stay Inside
Finess – I Don’t Want To Be Left On The Outside
Lorraine Williams – Your Magic Love
L. Young – Can’t Get You Off My Mind
Ernie King – That’s When I Woke Up
Shades of Brown – How Could You Love Him
Nialations – Every Time
Josephine Brown – I’ve Made Up My Mind
Ray Lewis – I Still Love You
Expressions – Out Of My Life
James Bynum – We Are In Need
Rudy Stevens – I Feel Your Eyes Touching Me
Underground Express – I Never Found A Girl
David Sheffield – You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong
T W Bankston – You Are The Icing On The Cake
David Ruffin – Rode By Tye Place Where We Used To Live
James Brown – People Wake Up & Live
Allman Sisters – Goin Back
Love Affair – I Can’t Stop Loving You
Maxine Weldon – I Want Sunday back Again
Soul Majestics – I Done Told You Baby
The Turks – You Turn Me On
Bob Meyer – I Only Get That Feeling
Ollie Nightingale – I’ll Take Care Of You
Earl White Jr. – Very Special Girl
Touch of Class – Said It Before
Compass – That’s Enough For Me
Sam Butler – I Can’t Get Over
Gil-Scott Heron – Gun
Oliver Christian – Dissatisfied Man
Whispers – What Will I Do

Tuff Love Soul Club

Crossovers, deep rippers and modern soul movers.

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