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Twin Galaxies Mixed Bag (December ’20)

Twin Galaxies

Twin Galaxies are a musical duo comprising of Jordan Swales and Gabriella King, living and operating out of Liverpool. 

Working away in the shadows over the past year, the project has undergone several twists and turns as satellite members come and go, remaining malleable and relishing the opportunity to explore differing musical landscapes.

With music tastes as varied as their output, expect a wide variety of genres to come from Twin Galaxies Mixed Bag as they explore their influences from introspective ambience, solid toe tappers, opportunities for highbrow chin stroking and the occasional total banger. 


Plasma – Folder
Stunned Suddenly – Ulla
Body – Ben Bondy
Log 4 – LOG
Intima – NAP
Floor Position – Perila
Wait For Me – Vangelis
Triz Cohors pt.3 – Pontiac Streator
Log 10 – LOG
Number One Thought – Man Rei
I Think My Tears Have Become Good – Ulla
Proaso – Ben Bondy
KOMORI 1 – FUJU|||||||TA

Twin Galaxies Mixed Bag

Who knows what you'll get?

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