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Twin Galaxies Mixed Bag (September ’20)

Twin Galaxies

Twin Galaxies are a musical duo comprising of Jordan Swales and Gabriella King, living and operating out of Liverpool. 

Working away in the shadows over the past year, the project has undergone several twists and turns as satellite members come and go, remaining malleable and relishing the opportunity to explore differing musical landscapes.

With music tastes as varied as their output, expect a wide variety of genres to come from Twin Galaxies Mixed Bag as they explore their influences from introspective ambience, solid toe tappers, opportunities for highbrow chin stroking and the occasional total banger. 

Gabi’s in the driving seat this month, bringing 80’s synthy feels and postpunk flavours.


Slowdive – When the sun hits
Xiu Xiu – Wandering
Tropic of Cancer – More Alone
State of Art – Your Eyes
Broadcast – Pendulum
Gang of Four – Naturals Not In It
Sonic Youth – Star Power
Suicide – Sweetheart
HTRK – Synthetic
Throbbing Gristle – Beachy Heads
Pixies – Something Against You
HTRK – Rent Boy
Neon – My Blues Is You
Helena Hauff – C45P
Sonic Youth – Brave Men Run

Twin Galaxies Mixed Bag

Who knows what you'll get?

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