Vanity Project (April ’19)

Guest Show


Vanity Project is the shimmery sunkissed project of Matt Bruce. The London-based producer and DJ has been showcasing his live dance music since 2017, when he first released a rough cuts tape followed by a live album.

More recently, VP released his first full-length EP ‘Vanity Project’ on Claptrap records last year. The record features 5 down-tempo, psychedelic/balearic house tracks, based around a soundtrack initially created for a menswear exhibition. Comprised of ambient recordings from a design studio, classic rubbery synth sounds and manipulated samples, the record spans from euphoric coastal dance music to slow, sweaty grooves.

Fresh from playing Emotion Wave earlier this week, we’re excited to have Vanity Project in the box!


UK Players – Landslide
Visions Of Panorama – Delicious Saw
Sangre Voss – Amam
Black Yolk – Tiger
Roberto S – Remember When
Local Artist – Dancer
Chevals – Tonight Is Fine
Pulsinger & IRL – Exu
Soundstream – Sweep Magic
Johannes Albert – Gravy Train
Vanity Project – 121
Philip Budny – Paprocie
Tape Hiss – Haole House Trax
Mad Rey – Alfa
Gerd – Chord Orbit
Francois K – Time and Space (Remix?)

Vanity Project

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