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Rise and shine folks – it’s gonna be a glorious day today!

Join the MD crew as they ease you into your morning with the smoothest selections going on our early morning daily show.

So, whether you’re fresh outta bed, or snoozing that pesky alarm for some extra zzz’s, kick back and Wake Up with Melodic Distraction!

Grab a coffee and settle into your nest for the day, with soothing sounds from Rhi spanning jazz, soul and much more.



Joseph Shabason – I Thought That I Could Get Away With It
Nia Andrews – Linger
Andrew Wasylyk – Last Sunbeams of Childhood
Benny Sings – Summerlude
Biig Piig – Oh No
Westerman – Big Nothing Glow
Khotin – Ivory Tower
Bobby McFerrin – Opportunity
Bastien Keb – Beat Without a Heart
Sopwith Camel – Fazon
Takuya Kuroda – Piri Piri
East of Underground – Smiling Faces
Loyle Carner – Yesterday
J Dilla – Don’t Cry
Biig Piig – Liahr

Wake Up! with Rhi

Rise and shine folks!

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