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Yannu x Remy Jude – i need (it)

Written by on 8th August 2019

Following up from their exciting first outing “Nothing To Worry About”, “I need (it)” is the latest single from Liverpool based producer Yannu (Daniel Martindale) and Levi’s Music Project graduate, Remy Jude, as part of their new collaborative partnership.

The collaboration came into being after the two were brought together to work on “Nothing To Worry About” with local artist and DJ, Flossy. This chance meeting provided Yannu with an outlet with which to to pursue his interest in blending hip-hop and electronic production. They began exchanging demos, pushing them both to explore and expand their creative boundaries, leading to a refreshing take on their respective sounds.

No more so is this evident than on “i need (it)”. The record oozes confidence, featuring Remy’s inimitable blend of mellow-yet-aggressive lyricism set against Yannu’s swirling, hypnotic backdrop of samples and driving beats. The track is a lyrical meditation on feeling disconnected and doubting one’s decisions, with the protagonist finally accepting that their actions inevitably changed the course of their future as the track reaches its melancholic, yet euphoric finale. Their EP, which is scheduled for release in August, is definitely one to keep an eye out for!


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