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Sought-after selector with a truly unique sound

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Our good pals Anti Social Jazz Club have brought sought-after selector SofaTalk into town!

Based in Rome, SofaTalk combines classic influences of disco, funk and boogie with contemporary electronic production to create a remarkably unique sound.

Founder of Cognitiva Records, SofaTalk’s sounds can be found on international labels such as Banoffee Pies Records, Yam, Ini Movement, Tusk Wax, Omena and Anma. Championed by Fred P, Bradley Zero, Byron The Aquarius and many more, the one man project has quickly become one of the most respected musicians in his field.

We’re delighted to welcome ASJC and SofaTalk into the studio ahead of ASJC Presents: SofaTalk at Phase One later this evening! Support comes from our very own Kelvin SM and ASJC selectors, so get down and show some love.

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