SisBis with Giovanna & Theo Temple (November ’17)

Written by on 30th November 2017

Sicilian sommelier Giovanna is the mastermind behind SisBis, and resident at some of the Sheikh Yerbouti’s infamous warehouse parties. Her second appearance on MDR showcases a broad sweep of afrobeat, African disco and jazz ahead of Kinkajou at Buyers Club.

Having learned English from Scousers and dancing from ‘Paris is Burning’, Giovanna serves up high tempo Brazilian, disco, afrobeat and hip-hop to rooms of Liverpool’s shameless and fierce dancers on the regular. Concerned by the lack of Janet Jackson on local setlist, she set about creating SisBis. SisBis presents their brand new party hosted out of Buyers Club that is produced, designed and DJed by woman but welcome to groovy dancers of any and all genders.

This month, Gio is joined by party goer come party thrower Theo Temple, one of the hosts behind the monthly ESP parties. He lays down a mix with disco, dub and all that niceness. Tune in…


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