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The Cinematic Orchestra – Waiting For Now (Mary Lattimore Rework)

Written by on 19th September 2019

Innovative harpist Mary Lattimore delivers a gorgeous reworking of “Waiting For Now”, taken from The Cinematic Orchestra’s critically acclaimed album “To Believe.”

Much maligned, the harp is often subject to many a worn out cliché. Yet, in the right hands, the harp is an instrument that has the capacity to not just add a layer of tranquility to proceedings, but to also actually impart an additional emotion dynamic to a recording. The harp that appears on Mary Lattimore’s rework of “Waiting For Now”, a forty-seven-string Lyon & Healy, is firmly within this bracket.

Lattimore is renowned for pushing the emotional boundaries of her instrument. Her critically acclaimed LP “Hundred’s Of Days” explored the emotional capacities of ambient music and her reworking of “Waiting For Now” is no different. The original track is certainly no emotional slouch but Lattimore’s delicate playing adds so much to the record  – both audibly and emotionally – that, in the mind of this reviewer at least, it comfortably surpasses the original in terms of quality. The atmospheric chords and twinkling keys of the original are stripped away, leaving the dreamy vocals to duet with Lattimore’s own empyrean playing. The results are sparkling, to the extent that one wonders why there was never a harp (or to be more precise, no Mary Lattimore) on the original.


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