The Triumphant Return of Nathan Fake

Written by on 16th March 2017

After an extended departure from writing and touring, Norfolk born Nathan Fake returns to Liverpool on Wednesday 29th May with a brand new live show featuring a visual display from Matt Bateman.

Nathan_Fake_AFake had taken a step back from music following the frantic touring schedule and strained personal life that accompanied his critically acclaimed output. A debut LP on Border Community, Drowning In A Sea Of Love (2006), had been popularly received and he went on to release two further albums for the emerging record label. Following the release of his third album, Steam Days in 2012, Nathan Fake was faced with a depleted source of creativity. “I didn’t write any music at all for about two years. Overall there was roughly a three year break from writing.”

Fast forward to the start of last year and Nathan Fake had returned to writing with a feverish endeavour. Created in the first half of 2016 after the purchase of a cheap Korg Prophecy, Fake’s fourth album, Providence, sees him join the Ninja Tune roster. After its release last week, the reinvigorated musician will also join us at 24 Kitchen Street on Wednesday 29th May. He sees the new material “as a massive step up both in my career and in my life in general… It felt like I’d come alive again”.

Initially inspired by the likes of Apex Twin and Orbital, whom he heard on the radio, Nathan Fake became one of the most forward-thinking electronic producers in the UK. It’s great to hear that he has emerged from a period of writer’s block with a renewed energy and vibrancy. Throughout his new album, the pitter of hard percussion sit on top of a rolling soundscape of ambient tones and bassline textures. His new material retains an inherent optimism seen in rising synth progressions yet is significantly different to his previous work on Border Community.

Alongside interesting collaborations with Prurient and Raphalle on the new album, his live act sees him join forces with Matt Bateman for an immersive audiovisual tour across Europe, Australia and Japan before an album launch party in London. Having previously played in Liverpool on a couple of occasions, the esteemed producer makes a sought after return to the city.

Expect an enthralling and immersive evening as Nathan Fake provides us with “his most personal and profoundly emotional work to date”. On display in the confines of 24 Kitchen Street, the new material from his album is sure to set an ethereal tone. The Korg Prophecy helped provide Nathan Fake with a route out of his extended creative block and thus inspired the name of his new album. The dated synthesiser will surely be on display as the esteemed British producer takes to the stage in The Baltic Triangle. Prior to the event, be sure to listen to his latest mix for Resident Advisor and read the accompanying conversation.

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