Wide Open with Jack Blount & Ranga (December ’17)

Written by on 10th January 2018

The Wide Open crew are back on the Melodic Distraction airwaves, for a show filled with tropical dancefloor grooves and killer selections!

Known for their notorious Bakery parties, the Wide Open crew consistently bring something new to the table. Whether kicking back to jazz at one of their garden soirees down at Buyers Club or getting fully involved on the dance floors of Meraki, Shipping Forecast and North Shore Troubadour, their close-knit crew have the perfect set of records for every occasion.

This month we’re treated to a deep dub techno selection from Jack Blount with the main man Ranga rounding things off with tripped out jazz sounds. Keep an eye out for some rustlings around London Road in Liverpool, as the Wide Open crew look to be setting up a brand new venue. They host a Boom Bap party there at the start of February 2018.


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